Thursday, September 3, 2015

Demian - s/t 1971

Demian's first (and only) L.P. is, in all reality, Bubble Puppy's 2nd. But it wasn't just their name that changed. where as Bubble Puppy was pure heavy psych, Demian was hard, riff driven rock. Finding new management with Nick St. Nichols (Steppenwolf) and moving to Los Angeles, Bubble Puppy changed their name due to contractual dealings with their former label. Maybe that's why it sounds a bit harder and "pissed off." They also switched to twin Gibson's and recorded 33 minutes of music - a very tight 8 song platter on ABC/Dunhill. They had a strong flavor of Atomic Rooster, Savoy Brown and early Deep Purple. Recorded "Live" in the studio at the famous Record Plant in just one night, gives it a lot of "soul" and even those wrong notes that were left in the mix make it sound genuine. With a little label support, there's no doubt that Demian could have been a huge band, a la Grand Funk. Sadly, this album is all that remains of a band that was "just that good."

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