Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dogfeet - s/t 1970

From Rockasteria: Bassist Dave Nichols, singer Alan Pearse, drummer Derick Perry, and guitarist Trevor Povey first came together as Chicago Max, followed by brief stints as Sopwith Camel (not to be confused with the San Francisco outfit), Malibu, and Armageddon. Working in a blues rock vein (wasn't every early 70's band dipping their creative toes in the genre), they were signed by the small Reflection Records, though the label imediatly demanded  a new name - hence the change to the deplorable Dogfeet. Produced by Andrew Cameron Milla, 1970's cleverly titled "Dogfeet" is surprisingly good. With Povey writing all of the material, the album is varied and pleasingly understated. Pearse exhibited an attractive voice, while Povey's slashing guitar (check out some of the effects he used on 'Evil Women')
Musically 'On the Road' harkened back to the bands blues rock roots, but extended track like 'Now I Know', the attractive atmospheric ballad 'Reprise', and the western inspired 'Since I Went Away' set them apart from most of their contemporaries. Not that it mattered, the album vanished without a trace, followed in short order by the band.

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