Thursday, September 17, 2015

Euphoria - "Lost in Trance" 1973

Psychedelic power trio from Wisconsin circa 1973. Rumor is they re-grouped recently and relocated out west to Washington, but it fizzled out? Really great acid/guitar psych-rock although with a very annoying singer. Well, maybe not him so much as his vocals. A good rockin' up-tempo kinda jam, with great guitars. The original packaging was a lot cooler that the re-issue. (which is pretty boring, actually). It's been described as a pillar of the genre, and sounds as if it could have been recorded MUCH earlier than '73. Good luck getting your hands on one of these. Very limited press on a private label, Probably made enough for their friends and to sell at shows, which was the norm for back then. Totally killer fuzzed- out biker psych. It's been reissued on CD (Mason Records), but the availability is something I unfortunately can not provide.

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