Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mount Rushmore - Toe Jam / High on Mount Rushmore 1969

Mount Rushmore was from San Francisco in the late 60's that played a heavy blues rock style mixed with some psych. The band formed in early 1967 at 1915 Oak Street, a large Victorian boarding house in the Haigh-Ashbury district. The original members were Ed Levin (ex-Vipers), Warren Phillips (ex-Blue House Basement), Thomas Doxler, Mike Bolan, and Danny Wei. Wei was soon replaced by Terry Kimbal on bass guitar. In June and July 1967 they were featured on posters for shows at the Avalon Ballroom with other bands like Quicksilver Messenger Service, and Big Brother and the Holding Co. In March '68, Doxler left to join the local band Phoenix, and were soon followed by Levine & Phillips. Bolan and Kimbal Added Glen Smith and Travis Fullerton to the lineup, and the band made two albums.

Playlist - Full Album

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