Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pluto - s/t 1971

Pluto isnot necessarily onee bands in being the seminal weaving of the rock music tapestry, never the less remain a little known and underrated band, who's only album, originally released on the Dawn label back in 197 1has, during the latter half of the 90's became a sought after collectors itemin the underground progressive circles. During the mid-to late 60's and had drifted around the London Beat Scene. Appearing in the pop/rock/r&b groups. They were in fact, the last band to record with legendary indy producer John Meek. They created somewhat of a down headed lunacy - and, latched on to some of the sensational/destructive aspects of The Who and Jimi Hendrix. In the spring of 1972 the band released a second single, one who's songs didn't appear on the album. It was playlisted on Radio One and became somewhat of a hit. They split up in 1973.

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