Saturday, September 5, 2015

Q65 - Afganistan 1970

Formed in 1965 in The Hague (The Netherlands), they made their recording debut with 'You're
the Victor' a wild rhythmic track inspired by The Pretty Things. It was succeeded  by the equally compulsive 'The Life I Live', a searing slice of R&B. Q65 traveled to London to promote this release but, having been denied work permits, opted to turn the tour into a promotional tour. They returned to the Netherlands on a rubber life boat, taking almost 12 hours to cross the channel. Upon landing at the Sheveningen Pier, the group was greeted by almost 30,000 cheering fans who were rewarded with an open-air concert. The menacing 'I Despise You' followed by 'Revolution", their 1966 debut album, which blended R&B standards with original material., notably a 13 minute long version of Sonny Boy Williamson's 'Bring it on Home'. In 1967 they released the 'Kjoe Blues EP.' In 1968, Wim was drafted into the army, which marked the end of the first Q65 era. They regrouped in 1970 with the release of a new album 'Afganistan.' In 1971, 'The Q' releases their third and final album, 'We Are Gonna Make It.' The sound was different from their earlier period, more psychedelic.

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