Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Sons of Adam - 1965/1967

The band, originally a surf rock band from Baltimore, Maryland called The Iridescents, and later the The Fender 1V, was founded by guitar player Randy Holden who had previously played in other local rock bands, and bassist Mike Port. By 1963 they enlisted Sonny Lombardo on drums, then later Joe Kooken on guitar, to complete the original lineup. Holden, who was then a fan of Duane Eddy stated: "I wanted to do surf music, because -- well, back then it wasn't called surf music yet. I liked the instrumental vein." By 1963, the bands repertoire had become completely dominated by surf influences, so they made arrangements to relocate to Southern California in hopes of riding the crest of the surf music craze and finding success in it's center Los Angeles, which was becoming a mecca in the recording industry.
By 1965 the bands musical direction shifted dramatically with the British Invasion and Beatlemania to a beat group orientation. The popularity of surf music waned and they switched to vocal-based R&B rock songs. The group recorded their first single in 1965, but the song failed to gain any traction on the charts. In 1966 they returned to the studio with producer Gary Usher to record "Saturday's Son" and anthem of alienation with Randy Holden on lead guitar and vocals, which appeared on a single along wit their version of "Mr. You're a Better Man Than I" previously recorded by the Yardbirds. The band felt with this one, the had a solid record, but the single failed to catch on. As the year progressed, Holden's behavior became more erratic, prompting the band to push him out. A decision they later regretted.
The Sons of Adam recorded another single featuring "Feathered Fish", a song penned by Arthur Lee of Love. On the flip side "Baby Show Me the World." However, without Randy Holden the band lost much of it's former chemistry. By June 1967, the Sons of Adam were no more. Randy Holden went on to join Blue Cheer, and later his solo effort "Population II." In all honesty, this stuff is crazy heavy for 1065/66. Highly recomended. But you don't have to listen to me, I'm just a guy.

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