Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bone 1972 Fairview Studios Sessions

Bone originated from Gilberdyke in the East Riding section of Yorkshire. They recorded several original songs at Fairview studi with Keit Herd in 1972/73. In 1973, Bone became Zhain. The band operated out of Leeds playing locally in the Leeds/Bradford area in the North of England. Some members went on to join a band call Qyl, who recorded three tracks that were released via a small indy label on a compilation L.P. In 1976, Bone regrouped and performed in 1977.
Some members went on to form the influential punk band Dead Fingers Talk, whose L.P. was produced by Mick Ronson (Spiders From Mars). Bones drummer, Martin Atkins, went on to form PIL (Public Image Ltd.) with John Lydon (Rotten).
Bone playlist

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