Saturday, October 31, 2015

Elias Hulk - "Unchaind" 1970

Jim Haynes formed Freelove in the Bourmouth/Poole area on the South Coast of England in the late 60's. Freelove led to the forming of Elias Hulk with drummer Bernie James and original guitar player Grenville Frazier. Then came Pete Thorpe on vocals and Neil Tatum on guitar. Elias Hulk toured playing their own material playing venues such as Kools Kleek, The Granery (Bristol), and Eel Pie Island. They played the Manchester area as well as their home turf on the South Coast. The band cut their defining (and only) album Unchained on Young Blood records in 1970 that did particularly well in Germany.
Following a rockier path, Bernie and Jim left to form Elias with frontman Phil Clough. This was a strong energetic and driving three piece unit which produced electric live performances, but disbanded in 1971. They reformed recently in 2008, and began producing new material and continue to do so. You can check out their official website HERE

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