Thursday, October 29, 2015

Gun - s/t 1968, "Gun Sight" 1969

Gun, a late 60's British hard rock trio, after signing to CBS Records in 1968 the band scored a hit on their eponymous first album with "Race With the Devil" a British Top 10 hit, and was released as a single as well. They recorded two albums before disbanding. Two of it's founders, brothers Paul & Adrian Gurvitz went on to form Three Man Army and released three L.P.'s.
After joining up with Ginger Baker (Cream, Blind Faith) as Baker Gurvitz Army they recorded three albums. During the same time period, the Gurvitz brothers recorded two albums with drummer Graeme Edge (Moody Blues) under the name The Graeme Edge Band. Their debut album's cover is noteworthy as it was the first by Roger Dean. Allmusic describes it as having a distinct psych/proto metal sound. Thei second album, "Gun Sight" was released in 1969. Thier top 10 hit "Race With the Devil" was covered by Judas Priest on the expanded version of "Sin After Sin", Jimi Hendrix quoted the song's riff on his song :Machine Gun" at the Isle of White Festival, it was also covered by Black Oak Arkansas (on their album titled "Race With the Devil), Girlschool (on their album "Demolition"), and Church of Misery on their 1996 demo and (on their full length "Vol, 1").

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