Friday, October 30, 2015

My Solid Ground - s/t 1971

One of the more obscure Krautrock bands, and even because their single eponymous album has reached legendary status, much of My Solid Ground's album is fairly hard rock. Bernhard Rendel, only 14 years old at the time, started My Solid Ground in 1968 in Russelheim, near Frankfurt Germany. Prior to this, his mother was supportive and encouraging to his interest in guitar, even though the music became louder and harder. The group began practicing at his parents house, who even helped arrange live performances. With their musical talent and elaborate light show, the band developed a following around Frankfurt. By 1970, after a few lineup changes, the group began recording and used the recordings to win second place in an amateur competition hosted by Sundwestfunk (SWF) radio.
In 1971 they recorded their self titled album, which was released by the Bacillus label later that year. In 1971 the group entered the studios for Sndwestfunk for a live broadcast, but were not allowed to play any music from the album due to contractual obligations, so they debuted new material. The group garnered National success but kept falling to lineup changes. They moved to
Frankfurt where they lasted until 1974 when Wendel dropped the band to persue academics. He is now a lecturer at the Muinz University and a producer and composer.  

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