Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pink Fairies - "Uncle Harry" 1993

Relesed in 1993, Uncle Harry is a compilation of obscure tracks and live tunes recorded for the BBC in and around 1970-71. Raw, gritty, energetic rock and roll in the style only the Fairies can bring. It's a pretty cool double L.P. consisting of only 6 songs. The rock "Johnny B. Good" in to a proto-metal track and turns "The Snake" into an extended tribal jam. Full of excess, in the long, slow, psychedelic jams as well as the up beat numbers. Also contains two very lengthy versions of "Uncle Henry's Last Freakout. The fourth side has an engraving of flying pigs, and the packaging all together is superior. A curious release that would be out of place for anyone but the eccentric Pink Fairies. This one rips. Enjoy!

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