Sunday, October 25, 2015

Polyphony - "Without Introduction" 1971

This is the only album from this Virginia band. A collectors item before being re-issued on CD, this is yet another one of those one album wonders from the early 70's where you wish there was a follow up. So much great music happening at that time that this one fell through the cracks. This is great prog from 1971 just as good as anything coming out of England at the time.
The music can be described as equal parts symphonic prog, and hard space rock. Not very derivitive, but the organ work is somewhat Emersonian. This is your basic guitar/synth/bass lineup with drums added. The added percussion only makes what was already good, great. The album features two epic as well as to shorter tracks. Al members aside the drummer do vocal work. Lovely organ playing and vocals join the rhythm section and are mixed with a menacing guitar. "40 second thing in 39 seconds" is a minute long. The song is literally an  afterthought or "filler that works."Great compositions, great playing and great production for 1971. More people need to hear this album, it truly is a masterpiece of prog.

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