Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Accent - "Red Sky at Night" b/w "Wind of Change" 1967

Aha! Here we have what is considered by many to be not only one of THE best U.K. Psych- Freakbeat/Mod slabs out there, but also one of the most collectable as well. Not too much info on this one I'm afraid. However, the credits are to Davies, Beethham, Hebron, & Burkett. The A side features "Red Sky at Night" which is a mid paced solid sonic slab o psych, nice fuzzy guitars, the B side "Wind of Change" at first came off a little darker, but both sides have grown on me quite a bit, and only after a couple plays each. Awesomely heavy guitars for the time on both sides. Can't choose one over the other. I'll update this entry as I find out more info on this one, as I plan to do a lot of digging into it. Here's a bit more from Julian Cope's Head Heritage

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