Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Punks - s/t A.K.A. "The Most Powerful Music on Earth" 1973

Detroit U.S.A. 1973, The Punks were an American rock proto/punk band influenced by bands such as the Underdogs, Unrelated Segments, Velvet Underground, MC5, the Stooges, SRC, early Alice Cooper and Blue Cheer. The Punks represented the answer and contribution to the demise of the great late '60's era, especially in and around the greater Detroit area. After about 1970 or so, the Detroit scene had died out, so the Punks geared up and decided to make their own noise (and what a wonderful noise it was!!!) Guitarists Steve Rocky, Alan Weber, and bassist Ron McMahon, and lead singer "Frantic" a.k.a. William Kuchon took care of the craziness. Loud, aggressive, fast , rockin' music, at times slow, with heavy non-traditional guitar interactions of feedback/wah/distortion, mixed with driving bass runs and and atomic bomb relentless back beat. They lasted 'till about 1977, when the rest of the world was first discovering "Punk Rock." You could put this album up against any early Stooges efforts and be hard pressed to tell who's who. "when did the Stooges record this?!" I can here in the background of some basement party taking place right now. Their  only album was posthumously released culled from demo recordings and live shows. The Punks S/T a.k.a. "The Most Powerful Music on Earth" has been released on Motorcity Music. A link from around 2003 is a good start Right HERE to tracking down a copy of your own. Essential. also, dig this Review from Alan Wright.

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