Sunday, October 18, 2015

Tractor - s/t 1972 L.P.

Tractor was formed in Rochdale, Lancashire, England by guitarist Jim Milne and drummer Steve Clayton in 1971. Both had been members of a beat group The Way We Live since 1966. They are notable for their appreciation by John Peel and Julian Cope, but also for their longevity because as of 2007 they are still performing. They sent a demo tape to Elektra records and soon CBS U.K. operations manager Clive Sellwood got hold of it and liked what he heard. He and DJ Johh Peel signed them to their Dandelion records label. The group was booked into Spot studios in London and finished their session in two days, and in 1971 the bands debut album A Candle For Judith was released, credited to The Way We Live. The release earned immediate critical acclaim. Peel bought the band recording equipment and a PA system. He also talked the band into changing their name. Looking out his window in Suffolk, he spied a tractor in an adjacent field and recommended it as a name to them. Tractor's first release after the name change was a maxi 7" single - "Stoney Beau on his "Creation" album (1971). The duo's first follow up full length was released in 1972, and by 1973the album was getting positive reviews from the likes of Melody Maker, Anne Nightingale  on BBC 1, and Kid Jenson on radio Luxenburg. The album climbed to number 18 on Radio Luxenburg and to 30 on the Virgin best sellers list. They opened their own recording studio, "Tractor Sound Studios" ans was also partially funded by John Peel. The studio was featured in a film about Rochdale and John Peel in 2006. The band recorded a partial third album in 1973, but was never released until 1990 as Worst Enemies. Tractor left the Dandelion label as it ceased to operate for about 17 years in 1973.
Glory"/"Marie"/"As you say" for Dandelion. They also backed another Dandelion act
They released more singles throughout the 70's and are still recording and performing today.

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