Wednesday, November 18, 2015

B.F. Trike - s/t 1971

B.F. Trike formed when three members of late 60's psych band Hickory Wind decamped to Nashville in 1971 and started an album for RCA. Eschewing the psychedelic sound of their previous band the trio turned up the fuzz guitar and produced ten tracks of great heavy rock. The tapes were then shelved for eighteen years (!!!) until Rockadelic issued them in 1989 in a limited edition vinyl (100 made) and CD. The vinyl is now long gone and commands astronomical sums at auction, so your best bet is to go with the CD. The question, therefor, is it worth it? Well, in this case it might well be, as the songs are catchy, well played and sung, they have great fuzz tone solos, the rhythm section is restrained where it needs to be as well as up front on the heavy rockers. The whole album hangs together extremely well. Why RCA refused to issue this at the time we'll never know. But be thankful we can at least hear it. (Rockasteria)

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