Monday, November 16, 2015

Boomerang - s/t 1971

Boomerang's self titled first album also turned out to be their last, like so many others of the time. A second album was recorded, but as of yet hasn't seen the light of day. Features Vanilla Fudge's Mark Stein on vocals and organ, Boomerang is clearly inspired by the white knuckled intensity of Led Zeppelin's first two albums. Like every other guitar player of the day, Ricky Ramirez was thrust into the role of guitar hero whether he liked it or not. (press clippings suggest he was but 15 years old at the time), and, despite falling short of headline status, he handled himself convincingly enough throughout, even contributing a nifty backwards guitar solo. As for the bands frontman and centerpiece, Mark Stein's bluesy tunes reveal just how much Deep Purples David Coverdale borrowed from his bluesy style. Also like Depp Purple's Coverdale-fronted Mark III lineup, Boomerang offered frequent sparring matches between Stein and bassist Joe Casmir. The two trade vocal licks with particularly successful results. The group showed their ability to mesh with stringed instruments ala Allman Brothers on 'Brothers coming home'. All of the above make this album an obscure delight for 70's rock enthusiasts. (Allmusic)

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