Sunday, November 15, 2015

Born Again - "Pagan" 1972

A band from Marin County that once went by the name Red Mountain, moved down to L.A. after the guitar player met an agent who promises a contract and a place to live. Being a bit green, they pictured mansions & the lot. Instead they ended up living 10 to a small one bedroom that was so crowded the guitar player & his "old lady" moved in with his local grandmother, who, makes the two get married before they can live together. The agent gets them a deal with Christen, Pat Boone's production company who gets them graveyard shift at a recording studio. Only instead of recording they decide to ingest copious amounts of "party favors." They end up putting a demo together and shopping around to major labels who show absolutely no interest. They did however, land a slot on the soundtrack of "The Velvet Vampire" (the fourth best lesbian vampire flick ever made)

Oh yeah, the music, the album is incredibly diverse. It was all recorded between 1969 and '72. Blending blues rock into a few psychedelic jams. It starts off kinda slow due to inferior production, but soon gains momentum. Some of the best stoner jams I've heard. All in all, it's a pretty rockin' release that would fit in any 70's hard rock collection. Re-released on CD with a shit load of bonus material.

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