Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Jenghiz Khan - Well Cut 1971

Formed in 1970, Jenghiz Kahn were short lived, but their album "Well Cut" has been in demand among collectors. This contained the archetypal heavy progressive rock of the times, sometimes similar to Uriah Heep or May Blitz. The band was formed in the southern part of Begium in 1970, out of the ashes of The Tim Brean Group and Les Partisans. "Well Cut" was released quite quickly and sounded very heavy but full of dynamics. Some longer songs gave the band an adventurous feel, and unveiled possible influences from Iron Butterfly and Vanilla Fudge. The bass was up front in the mix, making it still sound fresh. Their relatively short history, they gained a good live reputation, so they played a lot of gigs and festivals.

They shared bills with Black Sabbath, Yes, Wallace Collection, Stray, Genesis, & The Tremolos. Some new material was written in '71, but the group would drift apart due to the lack of improvement abroad. "Well Done" turned out to be their only solitary release.

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