Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Phantom - "Phantom's Devine Comedy" Vol.1 & "The Lost Album" 1973&74

Phantom, a psychedelic rock band from Detroit, Michigan, USA, active in the early to mid-1970's, previously known as the Walpurgis. They released one album, Phantom's Divine Comedy Vol.1 in 1974. The musical instrumentation, mystic lyrical themes, and the vocalist's penchant for "Jim Morrison-esque" style vocals led some believers that this was the new effort from the deceased Doors' bandleader. The speculation was further fueled by the members using simple pseudonyms on the albums credits. To this day, there is great confusion and misinformation about the names of the band members themselves. From Allmusic: "How do you rate an album like this? On originality, it gets one. But as a hint at what a new Dorrs album would sound like it gets 9 out of 9." It is rather striking the similarities between the two, only on the second offering here, the "Lost Album", the vocals take on a bit more of a gruff Tom Waits sort of tinge. Mixed with Morrison, of course.
Take it with a pinch, and it's kinda fun.  

Iggy Pop, Phantom, and Robbie Kreiger

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