Monday, January 18, 2016

Morgan - "Love" a.k.a. Steve Morgan - "Morgan" 1969

Morgan, from Long Island, N.Y., released their sole album on the Probe imprint. A subsidarry of ABC in 1969. Garage Punk at it's finest with no blues/heavy metal elements what so ever. Morgan was fronted by guitarist/vocalist, and over all horn-dog Steve Morgan. Plenty of acid guitars and pounding drums for which to blow your speakers to hell.
Pychedelic Rock'n'Roll puts it: "Steve Morgan is one horny guy, and it's hard to tell if he's more interested in getting laid or hallucinating."
Rockesteria writes: "Steve Morgans sexually charged lyrics and over the top vocals will irritate some listeners but that's really a minor complaint as most of Morgan is full of fuzzed out guitar solos and solid songs. No beads or flowers for these guys. Morgan is straight up brooding hard rock psych"
I couldn't agree more.

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