Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Third Power - "Believe" 1970 & "We, you, I" b/w "Snow" 1968

Another Detroit trio predictably hailed as "The American Cream"in the endless roster of bands touted s such. Truth is, what band wasn't compared to Cream back in the day? Having said that, this release is no where short on it's own merit. The band's 1968 debut 45 (included as bonus tracks on the reissued CD) saw them in a much more psychedelic phase than what's collected in this , their sole L.P.
One can imagine the excitement to the band brought on by being signed to the Vanguard label, but upon it's release, the label felt the material was "too hard" for is listening public and subsequently failed to invest any backing at all, effectively making The Third Power's debut full length it's swan song.  Despite regular exposure as support acts for other Detroit area acts such as Bob Seger, and the MC5, the band disbanded shortly after the failure of their Album. The only member that achieved any success was guitar player Drew Abbot, who secured a gig with Bob Seger's Silver Bullet Band.
In 2009, The Third Power reformed to play the Grande Ballroom's 40 year reunion with Arthur Brown, Big Brother & the Holding Company, and Canned Heat.

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