Thursday, March 3, 2016

Budgie - s/t 1971

Described by author Gary Sharpe-Young, as one of the earliest Heavy Metal bands, and a seminal to many bands of that scene, Welsh band, Budgie has been noted of being among the heaviest metal of it's day. Their fast, heavy rock being a major contributor to the forming and uprising of the "New Wave Of British Heavy Metal." (N.W.O.B.H.M.).
Formed in Cardiff, Wales, in 1967 under the name Hills Contemporary Grass, their initial lineup consisted of Burke Shelley on vocals and bass, Tony Bourge on guitar and vocals, and Ray Phillips on drums. After performing several gigs in 1968, the band changed their name to Budgie the following year and recorded their first demo. Burke Shelly has said that the band's name came from the fact that: "he loved the idea of playing noisy, heavy rock but calling ourselves after something diametrically opposed to that." Their self titled debut album was recorded  by Black Sabbath producer Roger Bain and released in 1971, followed by "Squawk" in 1972. The third album "Never Turn Your Back on a Friend" (1973) contained "Breadfan", which was covered and popularized by Metallica in 1988, the band having covered another Budgie tune: "Crash Course in Brain Surgery" earlier in their career. Ray Phillips left the band before their fourth album "In For the Kill" was recorded, and was replaced by Pete Boot.
In late 1974, the band was joined by drummer Steve Williams for the album "Bandolier", and the follow up "If I Were Britania I'd Waive the Rules". The band continued playing the N.W.O.B.H.M. scene and released four more albums from 1978 til 1982, and disbanded in 1988.
Budgie Biography from BBC Wales

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