Sunday, March 6, 2016

Grupa Stress - Nagrania Radilowe Z Lat 1972-1979 2 X CD Comp.

Grupa Stress (Poland) was formed sometime during the troubled days of 1968, when Poland was shaken up by political unrest, demonstration and strikes, brutally quenched by the socialist regime. The groups founders: guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Romuald Piaseki, and guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Roman Runowicz, both students at the time, met during a student strike and  quickly merged their musical forces to create one of the legends of early Polish rock. They added a rhythm section (bass & drums) and quickly established a growing following performing gigs all over the country. Runowicz left the band by 1971, and they disbanded in late 1976.
This compilation represents the musical history of the group which went through several phases, like psychedelic pop, hard rock, progressive rock, and eventually jazz-rock fusion. Their material was very ambitious and and involved a significant amount of improvisation which stands out, obviously on live material.  Although the sonic quality of these recordings may be lacking, the music provides a fascinating glimpse into Polish rock history. A definite must for all Polish rock fans.

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