Thursday, March 24, 2016

MacArthur - s/t A.K.A. "The Black Forest" 1974

There's some mixed info out there about this band. The youtube source (two of them) dates this album to 1973, another, discogs dates their first album (this one) to 1974, with their second "MacArthur 2" at 1982. Prog Archives puts the band forming in the mid-to late 70's, and states their albums "MacArthur 1 & 2" were pressed in quantities of 500 each, and sold only at live shows. Making the album highly sought after and heavily bootlegged. At least 1 re-issue is noted.
The band consisted of Ben MacArthur (vocals, guitar), Donald "Scott" Stockford (bass), and Jeff Bauer (drums).
One thing is for certain, the guitar work on this album is exceptional. Unbelievable at times. Word is the band reformed in 2006, with all original members, (with the exception of Chuck Harrington replacing Bauer on drums) and is joined by The Process vocalist David Asher on keyboards for live appearances. The band began recording old material as well as new, and Ben MacArthur's voice is as strong as it was 30 years ago.

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  1. Can't recommend this album highly enough. Sure it's rough around the edges, but the musicianship is exemplary. Kinda like a rockier Supertramp with proto-shred guitar.


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