Monday, March 21, 2016

Silberbart - "4 Times Sound Raising" 1971

Silberbart was formed  in Varel, Germany in the end of 1969 by Hajno Teschner on guitars and vocals, Peter Behrens on drums and percussion, and Werner Klug on bass. The band released only one record during their short existence. The album, Four Times Sound Raising from 1971 is one of the lost classics of Krautrock. An album that combines proto-heavy metal energy with free-form improvisation.
Teschner, who had connections at Phillips, was able to wrangle an album from the label. The trio recorded the album in April and May of 1971, and consisted of only four long tracks based on blues and heavy metal, but with a unique free-form structure and bizarre vocals on top. Unfortunately the strange, angst imbued record did not attract much attention at the time, and with poor sales, Phillips declined to keep the band on the label. The band kept going on through 1972 and then dissolved due to financial problems. Though Silberbart were barely known during their existence, by the end ofthe 70's they had appeared on the Nurse With Wound list of influences, as well as being described as one of the most original bands in Germany in Tibor Kneif's Ehinfurung in die Rockmusik (Introduction to Rock Music). Over the years, Silberbart's obscure L.P. has become legendary among collectors. It has never been released on CD except as a bootleg on Germonofon label.

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