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Jericho Jones - "Junkies, Monkeys, and Donkeys" 1971 / Jericho - "Jericho" 1972 (The Churchills)

The Churchills (or The Churchills Band) was founded in 1965, and remained active until the mid-1970's. They were part of the rhythm band scene that were active in Israel in the 1970's, especially in Ramla. The band played rock music in English, from psychedelic rock, to hard rock, to progressive rock. They were also active in other countries under the aliases of Jericho Jones, and finally just Jericho. They were one of the first Israeli rock bands.

The band was a leading force in the early Israeli Beat scene, but it was their cooperation with Arik Einstein that helped them cross over into the mainstream of Israeli pop and get recognition. Their collaboration with Einstein proved to be very influential on Israeli rock. It began when the Churchills were invited to work with Einstein on his third solo album Poozy, recorded in 1969. This is considered by many to be the first rock album in Hebrew.

The Churchills played on half the tracks on that album, one of which was a Hebrew version of one of their own songs ("When You're Gone"). Following Poozy, The Churchills played with Einstein at his gigs, and continued to play and produce three more albums with Einstein: Shablul (1970), Plastelina, (1970), and On Avigdor's Grass, (1971). Contributory to The Churchills' sound at the time was the joining of two foreign members: Canadian vocalist Stan Solomon, and British guitarist Robb Huxley (formerly with The Tornadoes).
In 1968, The Churchills released the single "Too Much in Love to Hear" b/w "Talk to Me" (the A-side formerly performed by The Tornados). 1969 saw the release of The Churchills' self titled L.P. and 1970 brought the release of three more singles: "Churchill Sebation Bach", "Signs of You" b/w "Living Loving", and "She's a Woman b/w "Sunshine Man."

1971 saw not only the release of the single: "Time is Now" b/w "Freedom" but also the "Junkies, Monkeys, and Donkeys" L.P., both under the name Jericho Jones. The L.P. spawning the singles "Mama's Gonna Take You Home" b/w "So Come On", and "Freedom" (b-side of "Time is Now").

In 1972, the eponymous "Jericho" was released, with the band shortening their name to the same as the album title. Producing the hit single "Don't You Let Me Down."
You can check out a detailed history of their releases here at: Israeli

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