Monday, April 4, 2016

Mountain - "Climbing" 1970

Listening to this album all day today told me I had to put it on this blog. It had such a profound effect on me in my obsession with early 70's hard rock, I felt I needed to give proper credit. This, along with albums by Cactus and Grand Funk, were the beginning of my life long obsession with all things heavy. Climbing!, also known as Mountain Climbing! was the debut release from Mountain, released on March 7, 1970, and featured the classic lineup of Mountain of Leslie West (vocals/guitar), Felix Pappalardi (bass/piano), and Corky Laing (drums/percussion).

The album followed the West solo album, Mountain which featured Pappalardi and drummer Norman Smart, released in 1969 and often credited to the band. Produced by Pappalardi, the album reached number 17 on the American Billboard 200 albums chart, and featured the bands best known song "Mississippi Queen." An early rendition of "For Yasgur's Farm" was actually performed at the Woodstock Festival in 1969 with a different title. It was subsequently recorded and re-titled for the album.

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