Saturday, May 7, 2016

Electric Sandwich - s/t 1972

From Prog Archives; "Electric Sandwich were formed in late 1969 by a group of German students from Bonn. The band initially consisted of four musicians, all of whom had already played with other bands; Bass player Klaus Lormann had been playing with "Chaotic Trust"; lead guitarist Jorg Olhert used to play with "Slaves of Fire"; drummer Wolf Fabian, the founder of the band, had been touring with a band called "Muli and the Misfits", and singer Jochen "Archie" Carthaus sang with the "Flashbacks."
Their own material had been recorded at the legendary Dieter Dirk's studio in Stommlen (1973 Brain catalog). The music is typical spaced out, freak & roll improvisations with many jazzy rock ingredients, folkish accents, and Mellotron excursions"
I myself am quite partial to the Mellotron, and the high volume guitar work of "Nervous Creek" is a particular favourite of mine.
The bands out put consists of this L.P., and two 7" 45's.

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