Tuesday, May 17, 2016

November - "En ny tid ar har" 1970 / "2:a November" 1971 / "6:a November" 1972

Formed in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1969 by Christer Stalbrandt, Richard Rolf, and Bjorn Inge, November has been called Swedens first hard rock/heavy metal band. They were known to plat "as fast as they can" and with lots of guitar solos, but their style has little in common with speed metal. Their music was instead partly inspired by American acid rock, but also heavy and blues based, like a mixture of Uriah Heep, Cream, and Led Zeppelin.

November started in 1968 at Teglhogen, a youth club in Vallingby (a Stockholm suburb). At this club, Christer Stalbrandt and Bjorn Inge played together with two friends as The Imps. After a few months Stalbrandt left the group to form a new group called Train. Bjorn Inge joined shoetly after. Train also featured Snowy White on guitar. In autumn of '69, White decided to return to his homeland, England, and Richard Rolf joined after as their new guitarist.
On November 1st, they supported Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac at the Que Club in Gothenburg, and therefore, decided to call themselves November.

November was one of the first Swedish rock bands with Swedish lyrics. Most of the lyrics were written by Stalbrandt and were inspired by the 60's 'Flower Power' movement. Despite Swedish lyrics, November were quite popular in England. While touring England their lyrics were often translated to English, however the crowd insisted that the band sing in Swedish.
November recorded three albums which all reached high positions in the Swedish charts. At their last concert at Club Domino on New Years Eve, 1972, the band split up and up until 2007, had only performed once, namely for release party for the CD, November Live-1993 (recorded on tour in 1971) on 30 November, 1993.

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