Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Page 45 Singles - No.3 / Phoenix Bird / Junction / Whistler's Mother / Masalla

Phoenix Bird - "Fuck the Cops" b/w "Parchment Farm"
Phoenix Bird was formed in New Hampshire in 1969, and recorded this one-off single, which existed only as an acetate until nearly 40 years later. According to the liner notes on the back cover of the sleeve, the band had hopes of being the next big power trio. And curiously enough, "Fuck the Cops" contains no profanity what so ever. Yet had it been released, it would have beaten N.W.A. to the punch by 20 years. The B-side is a rendition of Parchment Farm which is obviously very heavily influenced by Blue Cheer (and pretty much a cover of their version of the old prison tune from the mandatory milestone Vincebus Eruptum album) whereas F.T.C. is more along the lines of Cream.

Junction - "Sourcerer" b/w "Four Sticks"
Junction, from Green Bay, Wisconsin, was formed in 1970 by Darryl St. John (guitar), Ken Rentfliesh (bass), Jake Baenon (drums), and Tom Koffler (vocals). Independence day of 1971 marked Junctions first live appearance at an Upper Peninsula Michigan bar called Skinny's Tap, during which patrons and St.John's own father traded and absorbed punches. Later, Led Zeppelin's occult interest's would bring to Junction their own "Sorcerer." St.John's necromancer lyric and heavily Ecoplexed vocal were taped in a lowly Green Bay Basement on a pair of two tracks, one of them engineer David Pilz's, the other brought in by Markus Records head Mark McCall. A few hundred copies of the green labeled 45 appeared from Phoenix's Wakefield Manufacturing in 1973, with a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Four Sticks as the B-side. The "Sorcerer" side billed itself as "A Buffalo Production" immortalizing St.John's high school football nickname.
On Easter Eve, 1973, a horrific car wreck in desolate Ashland, Wi. ultimately broke Junction. Betwen a show and home, the band's '73 Dodge Maxi Wagon was struck by a sleeping drunk drivers swerving vehicle. Rentfliesh and Koffler were thrown from the wagon, unharmed; but St.John, trapped by the mangled steering wheel, was forced to watch as the other vehicles passengers tossed onto the hood burned alive. After months in the hospital, many lost teeth, a broken jaw, and a fractured skull, St.John returned to Junction and gigging in August, but his cohorts enthusiasm for partying had shrouded their will to rock. By late September, Junction was no more.

Whistler's Mother - "Dark Dawn" b/w "Goodbye"
1970 Private pressing. U.S. Killer dark psych.

Masalla - "Burning Feeling" b/w "Simple Words"
Climax Records / U.S. / 197?

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