Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Zipper - s/t 1975

Sole album from US heavy rockers Zipper, dating from 1975. Featuring Fred Cole (ex Lollipop Shoppe, Weeds) on vocals. Garage rock to the max! With a whisper of stylings from Grand Funk, heavy guitar driven with great guitar runs and a pumpin' rhythm.
Formed in 1973, Zipper as un-compromising as anything Cole's done in his long career. The album  was the frustrated response to the music industry as a whole. Unable to obtain a new contract, Cole relocated to Portland, Or. and it was there he began to take charge of his career. He opened a music store, and a short time later found himself with another band. Tired of his previous trials, Zipper's eponymous debut was self-released on Cole and his wife Toody's new label, Whizeagle. Sadly, this is their only album.
In a true D.I.Y. ethic, the album was released with a cover consisting of two stickers stuck together with gaff tape.
Cole went on to form Dead Moon in the eighties and they continue to play to this day.

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