Monday, October 3, 2016

Page 45 Singles No.8 - Chook / The Razz Band / The Purple Sun / C.T. Pilferhogg

Chook - "Cold Feet" b/w "Tables Turn"
Havoc H. 1005 New Zealand, 1971
Chook were a short live Melbourne band in 1971 who
played a commercial brand of progressive rock. They
only released this one single and disbanded shortly after.
Ian Ryan (bass) went on to be the first bass player for
Buster Brown.

The Razz Band - "Some Like it Hot" b/w "Baby Make Love"
No label, Promo/Demo. Writing credits to Kim Fowley & Ronni Lee (Venus and the Razorblades), Not a lot of info on this one.

The Purple Sun - "Doomsday" b/w "Give Your Life"
Rampart Street Records - RSRS-0285 U.S. 1970

C.T. Pilferhogg - "You Haul" b/w "Tight Mama"
Tri State Recording Company - TSRC-1803 U.S. 197?

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