Friday, February 17, 2017

Agnes Strange - "Strange Flavour" 1975

Formed in 1972 in Southampton, Hampshire, England Agnes Strange was a blues based hard rock trio comprised of John Westwood (guitar/vocals), Alan Green (bass), and Dave Rodwell (drums). They got a record deal on an affiliate label distributed by Pye Records, and their debut Strange Flavour was released on Bird's Nest Records in 1975. The label was created by an agreement with a pub company having the same label name, and who's discs were only sold in the pubs of the same chain. Really no mystery why the album never garnered any mainstream attention. The album is great foot stompin' boogie hard rock blues. The album was entirely original material delivered with flawless execution, The band also released a single on Bird's Nest: "Give Yourself a Chance" off the L.P., with the non-album b-side "Clever Fool." Another single was released in 1977 "Cant Make My Mind Up" b/w "Johnny B. Good", this time on the Baal label. The band split up shortly after however members remained active in the Hampshire club scene. An unreleased archival album Dust in the Sunlight was released in 2000 via Thorns Backtrack Archive series, as well as a CD compilation out of Germany on Rock Fever Music entitled Theme From a Dream and is made up of material recorded between 1972 and 1974 and also contains some demo material.

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