Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bush - s/t 1971

From Canada, Ex-Mandala members Dominic Troiano, Roy Kenner, and Pennti "Whitey" Glan, left Mandala in 1969 and the next year moved to Arizona, where they recruited Prakash John and began playing the circuit with heavy blues based riffs and a bit less sophisticated output looking for something different.

They caught the attention of Reb Foster, an L.A. disc jocky while he was in Arizona and ran a management company through Cuordoroy Records, an affiliate of ABD/Dunhill Records. They signed with Dunhill in 1970 (Bush was the first band to sign with Cuordoroy) and soon found themselves opening for such acts as Three Dog Night and Steppenwolf. As they prepared for the release of their first album, the band found themselves in the middle of a law suit between Cuordoroy and Dunhill which did absolutely no good for the band, who ended up only releasing their eponymous debut. They hobbled along for another year, but called it quits, broke.

Troiano and Kenner weren't out of work for long, once The James Gang came calling (who was seeking replacement for Joe Walsh's position) and Troiano would later join the Guess Who, and release several solo albums, as well as form his Black Market project before becoming immersed in production and behind the scenes work. Kenner would often appear on Troiano's works, as with John, who, along with Glan, went on to record with Alice Cooper.

The band re-released the album in 1995, at the same time that another "Bush" came out of Britan with the same name. To avoid any legal trappings, the band released the album as "Bush X" for the Canadian release.
Two years later, Troiano and Gavin Rossdale, leader of the British band held a press conference in Toronto to announce they'd been given the Bush name on recordings.

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