Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bloody Mary s/t - 1974

At one point, all rumors of this band/album led to the story of this as being the lost 3rd album from Sir Lord Baltimore. However those rumors have all been put to rest with the clarification that the only ties to this album ans SLB are that this band was booked into the same studio that SLB was recording their 2nd album in, and Bloody Mary asked SLB's drummer, John Garner to sing on a couple tracks, to which he obliged. (Although, Garner himself has stated to the contrary, that he'd no clue about the album or the band until he was asked about them) However to that extent, the trail of this band grows very cold very quickly. The music is actually really good for guitar/organ driven hard rock of the time, and has had many reviewers giving it a 4/of 5 general rating. Not unlike works from Heep or Deep Purple. Another mystery on Arty Ripps short-lived and famous Family Records label.
All seven titles are credited to "Bloody Mary", offering no insight to it's members. Anyone with further info on this release is encouraged to contact Heavy 70's, and give us a bot more to go on.
Great album though.

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