Monday, July 3, 2017

Ellison s/t -1971

Formed in Montreal, Canada in 1967 by school mates Vincent Marndola and Richard Arcand as a band called "Jimmy Peace." In '69 they replaced original drummer with Roger Cager, and added a 2nd guitar with Christian Trembaley, and thus, Ellison was in business.
The band gained a good following in the Montreal and Quebec areas. Managed by Jean-Claude Borsseau. They recorded their first and only album in 1971. Produced by Alexandra Dumas & Ives Hammel and was originally released on the Trans-World Records imprint.

There lists very little information in regards on how well, or poorly the record sold. And even beyond that, it is completely unknown how many copies were produced, and the actual number of LP's is still unknown.

Elliso broke up in 1973, and all the members went their separate ways

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