Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Doctor Downtrip 1969-79

Belgium's Doctor Downtrip came on the scene in 1969 and released an eponymous L.P. that is widely regarded as their best work.
Instead of being content with the typical electric guitar approach, the band branched out with sax and a flutist.
The group would stand out at the Jamelle festival on August 8th, 1971 where they supported Golden Earring and Genesis. At this point, the band had steered away from the psychedelic and began leaning towards Hard Rock. In 1972, the band releases their first single: "Gravitation" b/w "Music For Your Mind".

In turn, CBS would release two singles: "Take My Place" b/w "Depressed" , followed by "Jumpin' in the Air" b/w "Winter's Coming"  On Sat. 22 August, Doctor Downtrip played an early afternoon set at a Jazz festival in Bilzen. Michael Heslop, founder of Burning Plague saw their performance and was apparently so impressed, that he announced his separation from Burning Plague and joined Doctor Downtrip.
In 1973, CBS released their s/t L.P. The following year, CBS released their fourth single, two songs from the L.P.: "Anything Goes" b/w "Better Run Away." 

In 1976 the band shortens their name to just "Downrip" and released a second L.P. "If you Don't Rock Now" and three years later: "Downtown" along with the single "Brand New Cadillac" b/w "Dedicated to You."

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