Thursday, November 16, 2017

Iota - s/t 2003

From the archives of the legendary "Suemi" label comes this previously unreleased psych masterpiece by Iota.  This 4-piece band tore up Texas before re-locating to Memphis to record for HI Records in the late 60's. They released two great 45's including the amazing "Within these Precincts" in 1971. Deemed too dark and disturbing for commercial radio, the singles went nowhere and the band called it quits after two years of playing & recording. This release has combined all the finest recordings from El Paso & Memphis, Songs like "Bottle Baby", "Gympses", "R.I.P.", "Love Come Wicked" and the aforementioned "Precincts" are all sadly overlooked.
Wailing guitars, swirling organ, strong vocals and a tight rhythm section all shine on this well produced release. Limited to 600 copies.


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