Monday, March 19, 2018

3/3 - "Sanbun No San" 1975

In 1975, 3/3 are Reck (guitar/vocals), Higo Hiroshi (bass), Chico Hige (drums), when they released this album in a tiny pressing (15 copies!!) in February of that year in hopes of getting a record deal. The cover was home made and the album was recorded live (sans audience) Ultra heavy psychedelic rock, like a mixture of Blue Cheer, Randy Holden, MC5, and early punk bands. The sound quality is mediocre but the music is blasting! 3/3 never released another album, and, never did get that illusive record deal. Both Reck and Hige moved to New York, where the ended up playing with James Chance & the Contortion, Lydia Lunch (Teenage Jesus & the Jerks). They then returned to Japan and found success with the band Friction, who appeared on a compilation and went on to releasing 10 albums in Japan beginning in 1980. Friction has been a major influence on Japanese punk rock.
As well as being the rarest Japanese Psych album of all time, but it fits as the missing link between Japanese underground & punk movement. The A-side dominated by moved that are somewhere in between Peter Laughner's Post-Velvets amphetamine guitar and power trio moves a-la Blue Cheer, Human Instinct & Hendrix. 3/3 gets (easily) a 10/10.

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