Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Clear Blue Sky - s/t 1970

From: Prog Archives - "Originally a trio from school, John Simms (guitar), Mark Sheather (bass), and Ken White (drums), grew up in the Action part of London and started as a college circuit blues rock band called Jug Blues (later Matuse, and later X). Impressing manager Ashly Kosak, the band were given a deal with Vertigo and the band changed their name to Clear Blue Sky and recorded an album under the production of Patrick Campbell-Lyons. Still only eighteen, the band mixed hard blues with psychedelic and
progressive rock in an unbelievable mature way and the album was released in 1971, sporting one of Roger Deans earliest album covers. The group was later comared to Cream, Led Zeppelin, and Jethro Tull. Though the music had a firm prog sensibility unlike CReam or Zeppelin, but bringing Rush to mind.

Clear Blue Sky's first album is considered a classic and their personal best and the LP is a collectors item. Reissued in 1991 twenty years after it's initial release. Three more LP's were made after 1990, (Destiny), 1996, (Cosmic Crusader), 2001 (Mirror to the Stars), 2007, (Gateway to the Seventh Demention), & 2013's Don't Mention Rock n Roll.

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