Monday, March 19, 2018

KAK - "Kak" 1969

Although formed in Davis, California, Kak spent the better part of 1968 where they recorded their one and only album. Lead singer. guitarist, and primary songwriter Gary Lee Yoder and lead guitarist Dehner Patton had been in the Oxford circle, an obscure northern California psychedelic band that cut one garage 45 RPM single ("Foolish Woman" b/w "Mind Destruction") and played in the local psychedelic scene while Joe Dave Damrell had been ob a 1965 single on Scorpio Records with Group "B."
The self titled KAK LP was minor-league psychedelic rock colored by a list of  bigger local bay-area  bands. Particularly Moby Grape. There were also distant echos of Quicksilver Messenger Service (in theguitar work, and Greatful Dead (in faint traces of blues rock). KAK were at their best and most definitive when they were quiet.
KAK's album was promoted poorly and didn't do very well. It probably didn't help ant when in a matter of just a couple of months the had broken up. Youder did a single for Epic and then joined Blue Cheer. KAK's solwe album is a pricey collectors item, and therefore has been re-issued on CD.

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