Monday, March 19, 2018

Mystic Siva - s/t 1972 - "Under the Influence" 2002

okay this bands reputation proceeds my introduction to them. Apparently this is some type of "Holy Grail" (small , private pressing, home made type releases worth a few thousand bucks, you know the type) kind of thing but like I said, I never heard them prior to this point in time. That being said, I'm gonna skip all the comparisons between bootlegs available o fit and get right to the music. It's awesome garagy type prog rock, with plenty of guitars, so that makes it okay in my book. Strong psych flavor with plenty of organ and fuzz (the prerequisite tools of said genre). Then there's a LOT of pissing and moaning and bitching by a bunch of fucking snobs about the recording quality! One reviewer even went so far as to bitch about the seemingly young age of the musicians. guess what buddy, these guys pull off a lot more than you're geriatric ass in their sleep!!
Seriously, though, the sound is just fine, damn good as a matter of fact! compared to the demos/bootlegs I sift through doing this blog, I can honestly say it's not only fine, It's pretty damn good. As is the second LP. It was released in 2002, but you can tell it was recorded in the early 70's. I like it better than the first one myself. Heavier. Not by any means a flawless masterpiece, but if you like psychedelic acid kicks much ass.
Much. They BOTH Kick MUCH ass!!!

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