Saturday, March 17, 2018

Taste - "Tickle Your Fancy" 1976 / "Knight of Love" 1977

Australian band active in the mid 1970's, Taste (not to be confused with the Rory Galagher vehicle of the same name) consisted of Michael Gemini (bass), Joey Amenta (guitars- vocals), Ken Murdoch (vocals), and Virgil Dunati (drums). With an outrageous pop image that looks ridiculous by today's standards, both of their LP's are fantastic hard rock LP's that reached the Australian top 20 back in the day, and they are certified classics today.
At the peak of their career, they played to crowds of 13,000 in front of a wall of Marshall stacks. They appeared on every major TV concert show including: "Countdown", "Hey Hey, It's Saturday" & The Don Lane Show. They toured wit Suzi Quatro, The Sweet, Skyhooks, Sherbet, TMG & Hush, and they were admired by
English band Queen (who played Taste's "Boys will be Boys" every night before going on stage).
Unfortunately, dur to management problems, and bad marketing, Taste never got the attemtion they deserved. They were asked to tour America with Queen and got signed to Sire Records in the United States but broke up before releasing anything.

Released in 1976, Taste's "Tickle Your Fancy" is a tih=ght batch of quirky hard rock songs witha unique melodic point of view. Considering the young age of the group at this point, the materiaal here is quite accomplished, both in performance and songwriting.

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