Saturday, August 25, 2018

Omega - st 1973

Formed in Budapest, Hungary, in 1962 by the winds player Lazlo Benko on organ and Janos Kobar on guitar and vocals they initially played covers of British and American rock songs, frequently changing the lineup. in 1967, Tamas Mihaly came in on bass, Gabor Presser played keys and began writing original material for the band,  contributing to the release of three LP's before leaving the band with Joszuf  Luax (drums) to form Locomotive GT in spring of 1971. These first three albums were heavily influenced by the Beatles and psychedelic rock, but they also looked forward to the bands future of more hard rock, then progressive and space rock styles. The lineup hadn't changed since 1971 in 30 years. (releasing ten more albums between '71 and '87)

Omega have garnered international success through multiple language releases, and touring England and germany from the late 60's through the early 70's. Their 1969 song: "Gyongyhiju lynay" became an international hit and was covered by Griva on their 1987 self titled album  under the title: "Devojka biserne kose" and by the Scorpions on a 1995 live release with new lyrics and changed name to "White Dove." (the Hungarian title was officially translated as "Pearls in Her Hair")

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